Would You Like To Try These Minimalist Roof Ideas?

The skillion-type roof is a minimalist roof model that is usually applied to the types of houses marketed in Southeast Asia. The shape is a transition from a conventional roof with two sides in opposite directions, but the two sides seem to be cut off symmetrically. The middle section that is cut off is usually used as a place for the drainage system. The slope of this minimalist house roof model is steeper than conventional roofs. If you are interested in switching to this type of roof, you might need to call the Best Roofing Contractors in your city immediately.

In addition to the type of skillion, the minimalist roof model for houses in Scandinavian countries is also a minimalist roof model that is modified from the conventional roof model. A gentle slope is formed from one of its side to make this roof. The roof overhang was deliberately cut and replaced with flat concrete. This roof is the combination of Scandinavian and minimalist styles.