Secrets Of Baseball & Softball Training – Run Long Distance Or Run Fast

A smart coach will train the energy system following the demands of the sport occupied by players. So it certainly makes sense if baseball and softball coaches focus on the strong and fast energy system because baseball and softball games generally last less than 5 seconds. Because the energy system is fast and strong which is more involved in every action baseball and softball player on the field. Besides training, the best bats for youth baseball is also needed to support the best games

We see that if a person wastes a lot of time practicing on the aerobic system, then he does not practice the correct energy system for the sport that he does namely baseball and softball. Endurance energy systems or aerobic systems do not play a big role in baseball and softball.

However, there are still benefits for baseball and softball players to practice “cardio” exercises or to develop basic aerobic endurance. The basis of aerobic endurance can be the foundation for the faster development of faster energy systems.

Here is a list of benefits for also practicing “cardio” for baseball and softball players:
– Control of body fat content
– The ability to recover faster after an intensive bodywork
– Increase stamina and endurance of the body to fatigue (fatigue)
– Reduces self-tension and helps you sleep more soundly
– Psychological benefits because exercise increases emotions or “mood”, reduces depression and anxiety.

Also, pitchers and catchers can benefit from certain types of aerobic exercise because their position requires more stamina. However, if aerobic training is too important, it can be detrimental to all baseball and softball players including pitchers and catchers.

If the player is at an adequate aerobic level (for example, he can run at an even pace for 30 minutes), then the player no longer needs to improve his aerobic training. At that level of achievement, athletes only need to maintain a basic aerobic level with aerobic exercise 1-2 times a week (ie run for 20-30 minutes at medium speed).

More than that can harm baseball and softball athletes. Not only will it waste time but because there is no benefit at all on the baseball or softball field because it is very likely to hamper the athlete’s speed, energy, and strength. That of course we don’t want! For sprinters (sprinters) practicing aerobics is considered an unforgivable sin because it is very detrimental to the performance of sprinter.