Common Mistakes Made By Men When Wearing A Watch

Men may be more likely to appear indifferent to appearance than women, but in reality, men pay close attention to details of each appearance. For men, wearing a watch is not just a time reminder accessory, but for the sake of supporting the appearance to make it more memorable. Generally, men have more than one watch, to adjust the impression you want to be built from appearance. But apparently, some mistakes are usually made when wearing mens watch.

His mistake may seem simple, but in fact, makes a charismatic appearance in men is reduced. Here are some mistakes when wearing a watch that you need to avoid.

Wearing Wristwatches that Are Not Suitable
Variations in men’s watches are not less numerous with models of watches for women. This makes the men must be more careful when choosing a watch that suits the character and shape of each wrist. The first mistake can come when you wear a watch that doesn’t have the right size. The size of the circumference of the watch that is too loose or too narrow makes the watch face on your wrist feel imperfect. Besides, if you have large arms, you should not choose a body clock that is too small. Choose a circle or clock body that is right and appropriate.

Do not Wear the Clock according to the Event or Costume Worn
The model, material, and character displayed from a watch certainly influence the overall theme of your appearance. The mistake comes when you don’t choose a watch that matches the theme, both the theme of the event and the theme of the costume. For example for formal events with suits, you should wear a watch made of stainless steel rather than rubber material that seems casual and sporty.

Combining Watches with Excessive Accessories
Hand accessories are not intended for women only, because some men also like to combine various types of hand accessories. But you need to understand the right portion of this combination so that the watch and other hand accessories don’t seem to overlap. Try not to wear too many bracelets and excessive rings. Just wear one to two types of bracelets with a simple model to complement the look of the watch you wear.