How To Fix Leaks In Bathroom Tile

Bathroom leaks are usually caused by the age of tile grout which has long eroded and then led to a gap that is the way to absorb water causing leaks. Worms or any animals that hide in grooves of grout also contribute to the leak. However, if your bathroom floor or wall is new but has leaked, it means a leak occurred during the installation of tile or in the manufacture. That is why you need to make sure that you use the regrout shower tile service to help you repair the broken or cracked grout. With professional help, your bathroom will be fixed in no time.

However, you could also fix the tile grout without professional help if it is relatively new. To fix the bathroom tile grout which is still relatively new, it’s easy. The first step you have to do is make sure whether the tile sticks well or not by tapping on it. If the tile does not stick well, you must do the dismantling, but if not, you only need to clean the grout on the leaking area. After you scrape the whole grout to the bottom of the next step, you clean the former grout until it’s completely clean. Combine water and cement to make waterproof tile grout or waterproof paint that you brush into tile grout. Allow the liquid to completely absorb and dry completely. If you are sure the layer of cement or waterproof paint has dried completely, then fill the gap using grout. After all your grout is completely closed, you should not wait until it dries immediately.

However, if the leakage of bathroom tile grout is caused by animal worms that make holes in the grout, then you must expel the worms first before making patches. It’s easy. You only need to flush the bathroom using water mixed with salt, let a few moments, the worms will come out themselves and die.