What To Consider In Choosing Mini Longboard

Skateboarding nowadays is a sport that attracts many fans, especially children and teenagers. However, you have to be careful in choosing the right mini longboard for children. If you pursue quality, it is recommended that you not be easily tempted by offering affordable prices when choosing a skateboard. But this itself depends on your goals whether for street games or in a skate park, the transition arena such as the shape of a swimming pool (can use the type of park or bowl board), or just playing on a paved road (can use the type of longboard ). Most importantly, you also have to make sure of the quality skateboard material. Generally, skateboards are made of layers of wood that are glued and pressed together. The type of wood itself is not haphazard, namely maple wood which is wood resistant to four seasons. So that the skateboard will feel light, strong, and not easily broken summitboard.co.

Of the three types of games described earlier, the recommended skateboard also has a different size. For the sake of playing comfort, it will be better if you adjust the size of the skateboard to your shoe size. For beginners, usually choose a skateboard from size 7.0 to 7.3 inches for street skating or skate park. Do not be too big because later it will be inconvenient for children because it is too heavy and not maximum to do the flip trick. In choosing a skateboard, wheel size is also a determining factor in getting the best performance.

In principle, the bigger the wheel, the faster it will slide. While from hardness, a hard wheel will be easier to use for sliding than a softer one. From the principle above, you should have gotten a little picture, what wheels are not suitable for your skate type? Even if it’s too big isn’t too good for performance because it’s hard to control. If you are still confused about the right size for your skateboard, don’t worry. Try to borrow a friend’s skateboard and play often. Because in the future the character of your skateboard will appear by itself.