Characteristics of Vaginal Yeast Infection

You need to know the symptoms of yeast infection or vaginal yeast infection to distinguish it from other causes that make your vagina itchy. Usually, this yeast is in the vagina in small amounts. If you have vaginal yeast infections, that means there are too many yeast cells in your vagina. Although it is annoying, but usually this infection is not serious. In addition, treatment for vaginal yeast infections is very easy and make sure yeast infection no more.

Some women get this yeast infection during menstruation or during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Some birth control pills can also increase your risk of getting a yeast infection. Yeast, or by the Latin name Candida, is a fungus that can live almost anywhere. This fungus is naturally present in your body, but your immune system still controls so that this fungus does not multiply uncontrollably.

Many factors can cause a loss of bacterial and yeast balance in your vagina, which causes this vaginal yeast infection. The following are:

You take antibiotics that help kill the lactobacillus bacteria. These bacteria are good bacteria that control the amount of yeast in your vagina. If this bacterium does not control enough yeast in your vagina, then what happens is that the yeast in your vagina increases to cause an infection.

Health conditions that affect your immune system, such as sexually transmitted diseases.

Here are the signs if you have a vaginal yeast infection:

Your vagina feels itchy often.
Your vagina secretes white, thick, lumpy, but odorless liquid.
Your Labia is red like irritation.
Pain when you urinate, due to urine that touches an irritated skin.

No matter you have had a vaginal yeast infection or not, here are the precautions you can take to avoid vaginal yeast infection:

Wear cotton underwear
Tights, or made of nylon and polyester, can keep moisture out. Yeast usually grows in a dark and damp place. Therefore, experts recommend women to wear cotton underwear, or at least cotton in the groin area. Cotton can make more airflow into your genital area.

Maintain cleanliness in your vagina
Avoid using water spray into your vagina. This is because it can kill the good bacteria in your vagina, which helps balance the yeast in your vagina. Instead, women are encouraged to clean the vagina with soap and water slowly.