The Character Of Fishing Rod

The character of the offshore rods is very important to adjust to the target of the fish we are fishing, when we are fishing big fish or casting with a heavy bait, the rigid fishing rod will be our choice, but when we are fishing for small fish or casting with a light bait, fishing rod with the character it is our flexibility because it will be more felt when small fish snatch bait, even when fighting with small fish the sensation will be more pronounced. Likewise, when throwing a bait that is light enough it will be more difficult if you use a rod with a rigid character.

There are several models of fishing rods, namely without connection, double connection, or triple connection, of course, have advantages and disadvantages of each, where the rod without a connection is stronger than the two or three connecting rods. Lifting power, lifting power rod is different from the action rod, lifting power rod is divided into 3, fast tapper, medium (moderate) and slow tapper, fast tapper rod has slight flexibility at the end of the rod, medium tapper (moderate) has the flexibility of almost half a rod, while the slow tapper has flexibility from the tip to the base of the parabolic fishing rod.

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